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This is a website pertaining to the popular video game and cartoon, Pokémon.
It is rather outdated, being up-to-date up to the point of August 2000. But it is no longer being updated, sorry. Please don't submit things for the site. ^_^;

Updates - last updated July 13, 2001. .... Introduction to Pokemon
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Butterfly! is my general site for Digimon, should you care to take a look. It's not quite as big as this one, but if you like this site you might like that one. ^_^.

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Disclaimer: I've no claim to Pokemon, there are lotsa names that do, like Nintendo, Satoshi Tajiri, GameFreak, 4Kids, HAL, Viz Comics, Cheez TV, etcetera. This is just a fanpage. Content of this site is pretty well G-rated, anything deemed otherwise has a warning posted.

Main pic given to me by Cathy, some others by Titus, and the rest by me. ^_^.